My passion for sound started when I was very young, I got fascinated by electronic music and I have been messing with sounds since then.

In the past twenty years I have been involved in a variety of sound related projects as a student, teacher and performer.

Recently my interest shifted to algorithmic and generative organization and concatenative synthesis of sounds, after being highly influenced by composers and thinkers like Curtis Roads and Miller Puckette.

I released a good amount of albums and eps, in group and as a solo artist.

I have been working in recording studios and radios, I have produced and toured with bands and have played as a D.J. and live performer around the world.

I have made sounds for interactive installations, multimedia experiences, art installations, video art and dance pieces.

In the past few years I have been focusing on teaching audio production and sound design.



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Data Wipe – Soundcloud
Mass Prod – BandcampdiscogsSoundcloudresident advisor
Nightdrivers – discogssoundcloud
Tru West – discogsbandcamp
Bosconi Sound System – discogssoundcloud
Wo Land – discogssoundcloudbandcampvimeo


2020 – Conservatorio Niccolo’ Paganini di Genova – Composizione Elettroacustica 

first level degree in electronic music with a score of 106/110 – read my thesys here

2008 – Alto Perfezionamento Musicale – Saluzzo – Arrangiamento e Registrazione



R12, Milan – Professor – 2016/2019

Redaction of subjects programs and teaching of Audio Production with Ableton Live, Sound Design, Mixing. 

Midi Music, Turin – Product Specialist – 2014/2020

Demos and showcase for: Native instruments Komplete Kontrol, Reaktor 6, Bitwig Studio and Livid Controllers, around Italy in: schools, stores and dedicated conventions.

Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum, Genoa — Audio Chief for Susan Philipsz 2015/2016

Project and installation of seven multi-channel audio pieces by sound artist Susan Philipsz in seven historical locations in Genoa, multi channel players were built and programmed using Pure Data on Raspberry. Additional collaboration with the Artist in her studio in Berlin for audio production and building of another sound player for the audio installation at the Grace Farms


2016 – Algorithmic Composition – Slippery Chicken (Lisp based) – Micheal Edwards

2015 – Bitwig Certified Trainers

2015 – Algorithmic composition – Serial Techniques – Ivan Fedele

2015 – Algorithmic Composition – P.W.G.L. (Lisp based) – Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis

2015 – Impro – Il dialogo dell’ombra doppia – Riccardo Dapelo , Walter Prati , G. Antongirolami

2015 – Piano and live electronics – Conservatorio di Trapani – Agostino Di Scipio

2014 – Monolake Lumiere Workshop – Robert Henke

2014 – SMUG – Conservatorio Cesare Pollini Padova – Alvise Violin , Stefano Gervasoni

2013 – Master in mastering – Alto Perfezionamento Musicale – Marco Canavese


I started using hardware and software to produce electronic music in the late 90’s.

While my software skills developed toward generative/algorithmic sound composition and organisation, the hardware part evolved into sound generation and processing, mainly via a Eurorack modular system controlled by custom patches on Max Msp.


Bitwig Studio – Certified Trainer

Ableton Live, Max Msp, Adobe Audition, CSound, Logic X, PWGL, Finale, Adobe Illustrator (for score editing purpose), Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate [mainly Razor and FM8].

I have been working with Pro Tools, Cubase, Dalet [Broadcasting], Propellerhead Reason, Fruity Loops (from version 1) and many other software and plugins; i been working with Processing and the Arduino IDE, mainly in a “Code Bending” kinda way.


Nowadays i mainly use a D.I.Y. Raspberry P.I. running Pure Data patches and a Eurorack system.

I have been using most of 80’s and 90’s Roland/Korg/Yamaha/Akai drum machines and synths, four generations of MPC’s. and many different kind of synthesizers: Analog, digital, mono and poly.

I have Practical experience on both Analog and Digital mixing consoles. I have been recording and editing on a variety of analog and digital supports.

I have a deep knowledge of communication protocols as M.I.D.I., “cv gate” and O.S.C. and many other hardware specific communication protocols.



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Albums / Mini Albums 

2017 – Mass Prod – Earquake – Wo Land

2013 – Mass Prod – AQWA – Further Records

2018 – Bosconi Sound System – Unrequested States Of Bliss – Bosconi Records

2015 – The Leftovers – Usi e Costumi – Marmo Music – listen

2014 – Tru West – The Decline of Western Civilisation Part 1&2 – Marmo Music

Singles / EPs

2020 – Bosconi Gang Band – Big Mob at Manifattura Tabacchi – Bosconi Records

2019 – Bosconi Sound System – Spellbound – Bosconi Records

2018 – Mass Prod – Ears In My Eyes – Bosconi Records

2017 – Nightdrivers – A Funny Thang ep – Holic Traxx Japan

2014 – Mass Prod – Search Like Dat ep – Resolute NYC

2013 – The Martinez Brothers & Mass Prod – The hat trick – Cuttin’ headz NY

2013 – Mass Prod & Herva – Technology Fails […] – Kontra-Musik

2012 – Lukid – This Dog Can Swim (Mass Prod Remix) 

Werk Discs, Ninja Tune

2010 – Mass Prod – Paris, Texas EP -Bosconi Records



I been playing both live set and as a D.J. in many venues worldwide, alongside some of the most talented artists of the contemporary electronic music scene such as: Pan Sonic, Four Tet, Jeff Mills, Pete Tong, Kerry Chandler, Underground Resistance, Seth Troxler, Green Velvet, Caribou, Floating Points.

Main Festivals:
Dissonanze – Rome, Time Warp – Milan, Sonar – Radio Rai Stage – Barcelona, Transmediale @ Acud
Macht Neu – Berlin, Elita Design Week Festival – Milan.

Main Residencies:
DC10 Circoloco – Ibiza, Cocorico’ – Riccione, Goa – Roma, Tenax – Florence, Plastic – Milan, Oversize – Genoa.

Main Clubs:
Panorama Bar/Berghain, Tresor, Club Der Visionaere, Sysyphus, Wilde Renate… – Berlin, DC10, Ushuaia – Ibiza, Matter (Fabric) – London, Rex – Paris, Propaganda – Moscow, Sankeys – Manchester.

for remixes, lessons or productions:



イタリア出身でベルリン在住のmass prodはハウス、テクノシーンのDJ/プロデューサー。両親のレコードコレクションに影響され、15歳からDJ、楽曲制作を開始。2003年には、イタリアのhouse, Technoシーンでtop DJとして活動する。2008年 に”sunset”をリリース、翌年bosconi recordsと契約。その他、多くのレーベルから楽曲をリリースしている。現在ではイタリアで最大級のparty、fiesta privada、CIRCOLOCO、florenceのtenaxや、IbizaのメッカであるDC10のレジデントDJをつとめ、ロンドンのfabiric、パリのrex、ベルリンのWatergate、スイスのzukunft clubにもguest DJとして招聘されている。彼のDJはHouse、Techno、Dubstepなど様々なジャンルを織り交ぜるスタイルで、素晴らしい音楽センスでフロアをロックしない日はない。 2011年から自身のmusic artレーベルWO LANDを始動。デトロイトのモナ美術館に於いては永久展示となった現代アート、Suitecaseのサウンドトラックを手がており、彼の音作りに対しての天才的な側面を世界各地の美術館で楽しむことができる。今ヨーロッパで最も注目を集めているアーティストである