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my class are individual so you get the best out of it

 Hi my name is martino and i’m a music producer with more than 20 years of experience.

 I started in the late 90’s  where computers, hardware and software were not as common as they are now. I had to learn it all by myself, with the help of some very talented musicians. In my career I released many albums, singles, remixes as a solo artist and as in groups, I produced tons of music for other people where they are DJs, songwriters or bands. I had the opportunity to play all around the world as a dj with the Massprod alias, meeting and learning from some of the most talented electronic music artists out there. I have studied music production, composition, sound design and mixing in some very high profile schools. I had the luck of learning from the best, being able to fulfill my knowledge. In the past years I have been focusing on teaching audio production on Ableton Live in all of his steps from composition to sound design, from arrangement to mix. I have a very reliable method that helped hundreds of producers to get them where they wanted to be, giving them the resources to finish all of their tracks.My lessons are hands on the software, we will start building a track from scratch and work on that track, going deep on any subject with just the right amount of theory, to give you a solid background to let you understand how the software works. If you already know how to use Ableton Live but are struggling to finish your tracks, or just wanna know some tricks to get a faster and better working method,  we will work on your projects, finding the weak spots in your production method, finding the right sound or the best way to arrange and mix your tracks.

Choose your rythm.

from a single conversation about a specific subject to 4h a week, finishing an ep in 3 months.

You choose.



What can we do toghether?

We will decide together the best way to get you where you need to be, at your own pace.

Different necessities, backgrounds and uneven time dedication makes it very hard to have a single “ready to eat eat” course, instead we will choose together the best way of doing what you like in the time you can and you need to have it done.

Composition / Arrangement

from writing melodies to writing songs

Sound Design / Processing

programming synth and effect processors

Mixing / Mastering

bring your works to industry standards

what will you get

one to one lesson

The lessons


Simple rules and strategies to have a better approach of the various parts of audio production.

Ableton Live Templates

Specific Templates that will help you understand key concept of the software and will makes your life easy during production tasks.

Custom Presets

A series of device that will help you understeand how the software works and that will expand your sonic capabilities.

Sound Library

Exclusive Ableton Starter sound pack with everything you need to start working right now with the software.

Discord Server

a Respository for books, music and free resources where you can ask for help and where you can talk to other fellow producers.


We won’t work on a software, we’ll finish your tracks together.

The Tutoring plans are the most intensive plans. We will work together on the realization of a song, an EP or any other music form. I Will follow the whole production, reviewing your work and teaching you everything you need to know to make the next step. 

Every week we will work together on a project and we’ll take it from the beginning to the end.  We will plan the production dividing it into task and then we will face each one of them.

Depending on the needs the lessons can be very practical or they can go deep to the sonic root of each subjects, working on your music makes it natural to work on what is most critical in your situation.


220 8h of one-to-one lessons
  • 8 hours of one to one lessons
  • 4 or 6 weeks
  • Samples & Templates
  • PDF


320 12h of one-to-one lessons
  • 12 hours of one to one lessons
  • 8 or 12 weeks
  • Samples & Templates
  • PDF


400 16h of one-to-one lessons
  • 16 hours of one to one lessons
  • 8 or 12 weeks
  • Samples & Templates
  • PDF

Single Lesson / seminar

Clear some waters, get a fresh ear on your work, get deeper inside a single subject.

This is the easy way to start working with me we can do bla bla

few bugs

30 1h one-to-one lesson
  • 1 hours of one to one lessons

some issues

50 2h one-to-one lesson
  • 2 hours of one to one lessons

dig deeper

110 4h one-to-one lesson
  • 4 hours of one to one lesson


Most frequent questions and answers

you just need a computer with zoom installed and ableton live 10 [you can get a 90 days demo] and i recommend a pair of headphones. this is all you need.

i recommend to have spoeakjers and a sound card and a midi keyboard/conmjtroller to do i better


no, enthiusiasm is the only thing i recommend but the courses are made from scratch and can even be only theorethical, so yes.

here you can find a pdf and a video where i swhow you how you can send me your projects so we can work on them.

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